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Liturgical Banners | Liturgical colors for your church year

Liturgical Banners | Liturgical colors for your church year

Seasons and Colors

Learn about Liturgical Banner Colors

In One Easy Lesson

Sheri Wilson

Liturgical Banner Color Expert

Decorating church walls with Liturgical Banners seems complicated…
Colorful questions to consider.

Let’s talk colors, liturgical colors that is.

Different colors represent certain seasons of the church year. Traditionally, the Catholic and Protestant churches follow the liturgical colors throughout their church year.

We can start with Advent, because who doesn’t love Christmas? Advent is the four weeks immediately before Christmas. The color is Blue for all four weeks except the third week which is Pink.

Christmas is White or Gold and stays up until Epiphany which starts in early January.

Great set of Liturgical Banners that could be used anytime... especially Easter

Liturgical Banners for Easter in White.

Photograph by Thomas Wilson Christian Banners

Be Liturgically Correct… or at least close!

Epiphany’s liturgical color is Green, Navy, or White depending on the church you attend. Therefore you would want the background color of your worship banner to be one of those colors.

Next is Lent, which is the 40 days before Easter. That color is usually purple. This is a time of introspection before the celebration of Christ’s resurrection at Easter. Hence most Liturgical Banners should also be primarily purple.

Palm Sunday, the Sunday before Easter, is also purple.

Good Friday is still Purple but some churches use Black.

Then comes Easter, Yeah, Resurrection Sunday! White is the color of the day! Gold is also used.

“It’s important to get your Liturgical Banner colors right… but Moses didn’t write it in the law!

Pentecost is Red, and when it’s not Red, it’s Red.
It is always Red.
This is the day the gift of the Holy Spirit came as a flame over the heads of believers that day.

Pentecost Liturgical Banners for decorating your church on pentecost

Liturgical Banners for Pentecost are Red.

Worship Banners from

The rest of the year is Ordinary time which is Green.

Hopefully this information will help you pick Liturgical Fabric Banners for your church that will help everyone focus on God!

It’s all about Him!

Liturgical Banners for ordinary time is green as shown on these Worship and Praise Banners
Liturgical Church Banner color of blue would be good for seasonal Advent Church Banners
Advent has 4 weeks with the colors as shown on this Liturgical Banner
Liturgical Colors shown on Arise Shine worship banner

My husband Tom and I have been making custom church banners for over 20 years.
We have made thousands of worship banners for churches all over the world!
Our home base is at where you can find liturgical church banners of all types and sizes.

I hope this information is helpful in planning for your liturgical church banner needs for the year.

Lastly, here is a link to a liturgical color chart I found helpful… check it out.

Please use the comments box below… we would love to hear from you.

Questions are always welcome.


About The Author

Sheri Wilson

I am co-owner of Christian Banners for Praise and Worship. I am the design and color coordinator and have been sewing and designing since I was 12.

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