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Church Fabric Wall Banners | Remove the “frumpy” from Fabric Church Banners!

Church Fabric Wall Banners with dark background looks sharp!

Church Fabric Banner Background Colors

Add style with these simple choices!

Sheri Wilson - Church Banner Specialist

Sheri Wilson

Elegant Banner Color Expert

Choose these simple background colors…
for elegant Church Fabric Wall Banners.

Today, let’s talk colors, Church Banner background colors.

Contemporary Church Fabric Wall Banners come in many colors. Many times a church will want to follow the Liturgical Banner Colors for the church year.
Check my blog post Liturgical Banner Colors if you are interested in the liturgical colors.

However, in this post, I’m not dwelling on correct liturgical colors.
I am talking about sharp looking worship banners with colors that really stand out… colors that literally jump off the walls and leap from the fabric!

The main reason to have church worship banners is to boldly and clearly proclaim God’s Word, God’s Names, and God’s Attributes.
Therefore we should choose bold colors and fabrics when we design a church fabric wall banner.

The black background on this church fabric wall banner looks really dazzling

Church Fabric Wall Banner with Black Background – wow!

Photograph by Thomas Wilson Christian Banners


Brown, Black, and Navy backgrounds provide the most contrast with Gold or White Text or White.

Therefore, if you want Church Fabric Wall Banners that are surprisingly three-dimensional when the light reflects off the fabrics, then choose these darker colors!

To demonstrate how wonderful these color combinations are…
just look at the pictures.
All things considered, these colors are an excellent choice if you want to make a bold statement for the Lord.

Your church walls will shout God’s message loud and clear, helping worshippers focus on God.

“Black and Brown are the best background colors to make the text come alive when the light hits!”

This Church Fabric Wall Banner has a brown background which provides contrast with the gold lame letters

Brown background helps gold text “leap” off the walls!

Worship Banners from

Black is a great background color for Fabric Praise and Worship Banners.
Therefore, if you want fabric worship banners that really stand out with text and graphics that say “look here” dark colored backgrounds are significantly superior to more neutral and lighter shades.

Colors and text come alive as ambient light is reflected from fabrics on this church fabric wall banner
See how this Fabric Church Banner reflects and contrasts with the darker brown background
Great Scripture Verse Banner for your church - Gold Text stands out against black banner background.
Great looking Patriotic Church Banner. Colors really jump off the contrasting background!

My husband Tom and I have been making custom church banners for over 20 years.

We have made thousands of worship banners for churches all over the world!

Our home base is at where you can find liturgical church banners of all types and sizes.

Please use the comments box below… we would love to hear from you.

Questions are always welcome.


About The Author

Sheri Wilson

I am co-owner of Christian Banners for Praise and Worship. I am the design and color coordinator and have been sewing and designing since I was 12.

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