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Church Banner Types | part 1

Church Banner Types

Thomas Wilson

We have been making banners for a long time!

Quality and customer service are all we have to sell.

Looking for a Worship Banner for your church?

Are you a member of a banner committee who is trying to get a grasp of what’s available?

Why do prices for praise banners vary so widely? …Read on I think we can help you.
You see all types… of banner companies on the web.

Some good… some not so much.

It’s really all about what you’re looking for.

Worship Banners run the spectrum from paper or felt glued to a background, all the way to hand appliqued and hand embroidered banners.

In years past it was usually the ladies of the church who would get together and make the most beautiful banners ever!

Groups of ladies (men are allowed also) are still working today producing fantastic banners.

Sheri Wilson

“Many people just can’t find the the time to make church banners today.”

What has changed is time available for the banner ministry… it’s hard for people to dedicate the time and space for a banner ministry.

That’s where a professional banner company can help the banner ministry of your church. Many times it takes purchasing some banners for your church to get the ministry rolling.

A good way to do this is with a church banner memorial fund; when people see the banners, how they transform the church the congregation gets excited… they want to get involved.

What to look for when choosing a Church Banner company:

  • At our site we have actual pictures of the completed banners. Some sites have computer generated images which make it hard to tell what you will end up getting.
  • We also have customer reviews and testimonials. Happy customers are good insurance you will be happy too.
  • Sheri and I have a phone number, you actually can talk to real people. We can give you specific information to help you. We encourage you to call us.800-373-8027
  • We are happy to supply you with fabric samples, designs, and information, in addition to phone support that will help you make an informed selection.

Another good thing to ask is “what if we don’t like the banner?”

Here is our return policy.

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“You’re taking a big step ordering a banner that will be displayed before the whole church body, therefore make sure you are comfortable with the company you choose to work with.”


About The Author

Thomas Wilson

I am co-owner of with my wife Sheri. I do all the website work, keep the books, and generally make sure everything is strait and in order.

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